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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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NEW! Economy Carbon Fiber Angle

DragonPlate economy carbon fiber angle
comprises an all 0°/90° fiber orientation with a textured finish on both the inside and outside surfaces. This surface is excellent for bonding and makes our carbon fiber angle ideal by itself or in conjunction with our DragonPlate sheets to build extremely rigid, yet light structures. Carbon fiber angles trim easily using a band saw with a fine tooth blade, or we can custom CNC angles to your CAD drawing.

Buy Economy Carbon Fiber Angle

NEW! Roll Wrapped Tubes with Face Options

This beautiful roll wrapped carbon fiber tubing is fabricated from unidirectional carbon fiber with your choice of outer layer. The unidirectional layers are oriented to provide high bending stiffness and axial strength. The outer layer provides a bias support layer in addition to an attractive appearance.

Buy Roll Wrapped Tubes with Face Options

Customize Your Project with Face Sheets!

In addition to veneers, DragonPlate now offers these unique face sheets on EconomyPlate, Carbon Fiber Birch Cores, Balsa Cores, Foam Cores and Quasi-isotropic Sheets! Choose the face sheet you want with a choice of high gloss, matte or textured finish. Now you can have the sheet you need with the look you want. These sheets are beautiful and add a custom look to any project.

NEW! Braided Kevlar Round Tubes

Comprised of 100% Kevlar, these braided tubes are a good choice for those who require a tube with a higher impact resistance than that of carbon fiber. Can also be used for those applications that require a tube with low electrical conductivity.

Buy Braided Kevlar Round Tubes

NEW! Red Kevlar Twill Veneer & Sheets

Comprising 100% red Kevlar in a twill weave, this veneer presents a unique all-red appearance. The gloss and matte finishes provide any project with a distinctive facade. Stock sheets are available as large as 2' x 4' (call for sheets as large as 4' x 8'), yet the material forms into a cylinder as small as 1 inch. Can also be used for outdoor applications as we utilize a UV resistant resin that extends the life of the part and finish under sun exposure. Also available as a face sheet on our EconomyPlate and Quasi-isotropic sheets up to 1/2" thick!

Buy Red Kevlar Twill Veneer

Stiffer High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubes

Dragonplate high modulus braided tubes utilize a combination of high modulus uni-directional carbon fiber for axial and bending stiffness and standard modulus braided carbon fiber for torsional rigidity and crush strength. High modulus braided tubes are substantially stiffer than our standard braided tubes, and thus are appropriate when maximum rigidity and minimum weight are required. Available in 0.5", 0.75" and 1" diameters.

Buy High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubes

Nearly 50% Stiffer Than Aluminum
But Only Half The Weight!

Need a STIFFER Carbon Fiber Sheet?

Dragonplate high modulus carbon fiber sheets are fabricated using a special type of uni-directional prepreg fiber that is processed to have a stiffness almost double that of our standard uni prepreg sheets and about 2.5 times as stiff as our standard solid Dragonplate. This product is available in a satin finish, with or without a twill face sheet on both sides.

Buy High Modulus Carbon Fiber Sheets

DragonPlate™ is the tradename for our Engineered Carbon Fiber Composites. DragonPlate carbon fiber composites are strong, light and beautiful. DragonPlate carbon fiber materials are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are easy to cut, drill and assemble. DragonPlate also offers engineering/design and custom fabrication through our CNC Service for your unique carbon fiber part. Contact us with your special needs, we can help. Click to Leave Message

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