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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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NEW! Carbon Fiber Prepreg Birch Core

DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Prepreg Birch Core Sheets are a light weight composite utilizing a birch core and carbon fiber skins. Birch is an excellent core material that offers both a high degree of toughness and machinability. Similar to our standard Birch core sheets, the prepreg sheets offer the additional benefits of a smooth satin finish on both sides of the panel with face sheet options, as well as the options for high modulus and ultra high modulus carbon fiber, which greatly increase the stiffness of the panel.

Buy Carbon Fiber Prepreg Birch Core

NEW! Telescoping Tube Clamps

These telescoping tube clamps feature an adjustable screw to get the perfect fit for the sliding tube and a clamping lever that allows for quick adjustment of pole length. One-piece construction makes for easy assembly of poles. Simply bond carbon fiber tube into lower half of the tube clamp and slide next smaller tube into top half of clamp. Optional tube stops can be purchased to prevent tubes from coming apart when fully extended.

Buy Telescoping Tube Clamps

NEW! Small Diameter Roll Wrapped Twill Finish Tubes

DragonPlate now offers small diameter roll wrapped thin wall carbon fiber tubing in four new sizes, 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 10mm. They are fabricated from 0/90 degree carbon fiber twill fabric with a wall thickness of approximately .03". These tubes are ideal for building lightweight frames and structures, UAVs, and any other application where low weight and high stiffness are essential, yet appearance is also important.

Buy Small Diameter Roll Wrapped Twill Finish Tubes

Prepreg Carbon Fiber Angles

DragonPlate prepreg angles comprise an all 0/90 degree fiber orientation of woven prepreg carbon fiber with a tooled surface on the inside and textured finish on the outside. Prepreg angles are more rigid than the standard carbon fiber angles due to the use of prepreg carbon fiber. Carbon fiber angles trim easily using a band saw with a fine tooth blade, or we can custom CNC angles to your CAD drawing.

Buy Prepreg Carbon Fiber Angles

Solid Kevlar Sheets

DragonPlate solid Kevlar sheets are comprised of an all 0/90 degree woven laminate of Kevlar. Although not as rigid as carbon fiber, Kevlar is much tougher and works well for high impact applications.

Buy Solid Kevlar Sheets

8 Foot Roll Wrapped Tubes with Face Options

This beautiful roll wrapped carbon fiber tubing is fabricated from unidirectional carbon fiber with your choice of outer layer. The unidirectional layers are oriented to provide high bending stiffness and axial strength. The outer layer provides a bias support layer in addition to an attractive appearance.

Buy 8 Foot Roll Wrapped Tubes with Face Options

Economy Carbon Fiber Angle

DragonPlate economy carbon fiber angle
comprises an all 0°/90° fiber orientation with a textured finish on both the inside and outside surfaces. This surface is excellent for bonding and makes our carbon fiber angle ideal by itself or in conjunction with our DragonPlate sheets to build extremely rigid, yet light structures. Carbon fiber angles trim easily using a band saw with a fine tooth blade, or we can custom CNC angles to your CAD drawing.

Buy Economy Carbon Fiber Angle

DragonPlate™ is the tradename for our Engineered Carbon Fiber Composites. DragonPlate carbon fiber composites are strong, light and beautiful. DragonPlate carbon fiber tubes, carbon sheets and carbon fiber structural components are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are easy to cut, drill and assemble. DragonPlate also offers engineering/design and custom fabrication through our CNC Service for your unique carbon fiber part. Contact us with your special needs, we can help. Click to Leave Message

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