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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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DragonPlate™ is the tradename for our Engineered Carbon Fiber Composites. DragonPlate carbon fiber composites are strong, light and beautiful. DragonPlate carbon fiber tubes, carbon sheets and carbon fiber structural components are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are easy to cut, drill and assemble. DragonPlate also offers engineering/design and custom fabrication through our CNC Service for your unique carbon fiber part. Contact us with your special needs, we can help. Click to Leave Message

DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Products
See how easy it is to build carbon fiber structures with our Carbon Fiber Tube Modular Connector System. View this short video on building simple rectangular structures with our carbon fiber tubes...

NEW! Carbon Fiber Dyneema Core Sheets

Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber™, is respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). DragonPlate offers carbon fiber sheets with a Dyneema core. These sheets maintain the majority of the stiffness of a solid all-carbon fiber laminate due to a combination of carbon fiber skins and a 70/30 carbon/Dyneema ratio core. The 30% Dyneema woven into the core, however, yield a plate with exceptional impact toughness. If your project requires a balance between strength and rigidity, these sheets may be the ideal solution.

Buy Carbon Fiber Dyneema Core Sheets

DragonPlate now offers a full line of carbon fiber telescoping tubes from standard to custom optimized with a large variety of options for connecting accessories/devices to the end. Build them yourself, or have us custom make a telescoping tube assembly to fit your needs. MORE INFO...
NEW! Roll Wrap Twill Finish Square Tubes and Connectors
Dragonplate roll wrapped prepreg twill carbon fiber square tubes are fabricated from a combination of unidirectional and woven twill prepreg material and cello wrapped for a gloss finish. This product is ideal for building lightweight frames and structures, tubular vessels, poles, column supports, and any other applications where low weight and high stiffness are essential, yet appearance is also important.

Buy Roll Wrap Twill Finish Square Tubes and Connectors

Connect Tubes, Accessories, Whatever!
DragonPlate now offers carbon fiber tube end connectors in various sizes, both round & square. Now you can connect together carbon fiber tubes, accessories such as cameras or microphones, or whatever you can think of via threaded connections. Simply bond these end connectors into the tube, connect and go! Available in 0.5", 0.625", 0.75", 0.875" and 1" round diameters and 0.75" and 1" square. What will you connect?

Buy Threaded End Tube Connectors

NEW! High Temperature Carbon Fiber

Dragonplate high temperature carbon fiber is comprised of a special carbon fiber/phenolic prepreg laminate that is formulated and processed to give excellent properties at temperatures much higher than standard epoxy products can withstand. These high temperature materials maintain most of their rigidity up to 500 F, and can withstand short durations at much higher temperatures. Due to the phenolic resin system, these materials are very flame retardant, and can survive short duration contact by direct flame. After long duration direct flame contact, mechanical properties will be reduced, but the shape is maintained.

Buy High Temperature Carbon Fiber Sheets

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