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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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Twill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) Veneer

DragonPlate real Carbon/Kevlar veneer, our thinnest product, is well suited for covering large surfaces or for decorative trim. Comprising 50% carbon fiber and 50% Kevlar in a twill weave, this veneer presents a unique black and blue appearance. The gloss and matte finishes provide any project with a distinctive Carbon/Kevlar facade. Sheets are available as large as 4' x 8', yet the material forms into a cylinder as small as 1 inch. Because Kevlar is a tough material, it may be slightly tougher to trim than our standard carbon veneers. Can also be used for outdoor applications as we utilize a UV resistant resin that extends the life of the part and finish under sun exposure. Decals may simulate the look of carbon fiber from a distance, but up close there is little comparison to the DragonPlate finish.

Please allow 5-7 days before this product ships.

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Twill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) Veneer 24" x 24"

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  $125.00 USD

Twill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) Veneer 24" x 48"

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  $215.00 USD

Twill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) Veneer 48" x 48"

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  $410.00 USD

Twill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) Veneer 48" x 96"

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  $775.00 USD

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