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0.5" Single Sided Clevis Threaded Connector 0.5" Single Sided Clevis Threaded Connector

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Product description:
DragonPlate tube connectors provide an easy and robust method for connecting our 0.5" carbon fiber tubes together to form lightweight rigid structures.
One of the primary concerns when bonding metal fittings into carbon fiber tubes is the fact that the metal component, when subjected to reductions in temperature, will shrink much more than the carbon fiber tube. To eliminate this problem, our patent pending connector incorporates a slotted tubular design, which has a two-fold effect. First, the slots allow the aluminum to contract circumferentially without as much change in the nominal diameter of the insert. Secondly, the slots provide compliance to the part, which further alleviate peel stresses by prohibiting the aluminum part from imparting as much peel force on the adhesive layer. In addition, this design includes a ridged outer surface. This further strengthens the bond inside the carbon fiber tube by placing more epoxy in shear (and most structural epoxies are about 100 times stronger in shear than in peel).

This combination of form, function, and resistance to thermal delaminations makes our DragonPlate tube connectors a versatile and robust option for many projects. For added performance, reliability and integrity this connector is fitted with a HeliCoil stainless threaded insert. Each connector also comes with a foam plug to contain adhesive and enough bond line control micro glass beads to ensure a proper bond fit.

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