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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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Compare DragonPlate Finishes
DragonPlate offers products in many different finishes. We have provided the information below to help you better understand each of our finishes so that you can determine which finish will work best for your application.

Gloss Finish
DragonPlate's signature gloss finish is the best in the business. Our proprietary process, the result of years of development and refinement, produces a high gloss, mirror-like finish that is second to none. We do not need to apply a secondary clear coat, because our process allows the sheet to come off the tool with the fibers unaffected, sealed in an optically clear surface layer. Because of the pristine finish, this finish type is more susceptible to the appearance of scratches than that of the matte or satin finish.
Matte Finish
DragonPlate's matte finish has the optically clear properties of the gloss finish, but the surface is slightly textured, making it the best performer in scratch resistance. The beauty of the carbon fiber weave is still clearly visible and is somewhat reflective.
Satin Finish
DragonPlate's satin finish is more reflective than the matte finish and is also smoother. It is more scratch resistant that the gloss sheets.
Textured Finish
DragonPlate's textured finish, sometimes also referred to as peel-ply, is a rougher surface similar to a fine sandpaper. It is an ideal surface for bonding to a substrate. It is also a great choice for structural applications where finish and appearance are not that important.

Customize Your Project with Face Sheets!

In addition to veneers, DragonPlate offers these unique face sheets on EconomyPlate, Carbon Fiber Birch Cores, Balsa Cores, Honeycomb Cores, Foam Cores and Quasi-isotropic Sheets! Choose the face sheet you want with high gloss, matte, satin or textured finishes. Now you can have the sheet you need with the look you want. These sheets are beautiful and add a custom look to any project.
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