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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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Carbon Fiber Modular Connector Projects

Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connector Projects

Below is a listing of some projects that our customers have been working on using our modular connectors.

Modular Connectors in Space!
As part of a marketing campaign, Kiel's (a high-end cosmetics brand) chose DragonPlate Modular Tube Connectors to build a "spacecraft" to fly their new face moisturizer into space. The new "space moisturizer" uses a material called Aerolite, developed by NASA to insulate spacecraft.

DragonPlate Modular Connectors and carbon fiber tubes were chosen for this project because of their lightweight properties and ease of use. As part of the campaign, Kiehl's will send up another space balloon with customers-kind of-on board. It's running a contest in which winners will get a 3D-printed action figure of themselves that will take the ride. Then they get a picture of their avatars in space.

Collapsible Curling Broom
This curling broom utilizes a 1" modular end connector so that it can be easily collapsed. End connectors can be used for many applications where you have a longer carbon fiber tube that needs to be broken down for storage or transport.

Portable Structure to Support Overhead Fan
Aeratron fan manufacturing company used our modular connectors and carbon fiber tubes to create a portable, lightweight structure to support fans they manufacture.
"Without this solution I would not have been able to construct such a stable and light frame for hanging one of our ceiling fans (operational) in our tradeshow space."

Yacht Boarding/Deck Handrails
Using our modular connectors and tubes, the California Spirit created a boarding handrail that is strong as well as beautiful. Many such railings can be made for marine purposes. Our carbon tubes and connectors are waterproof and utilize UV resistant epoxies, standing up to the damaging effects of the sun.

What have you done with our modular connectors?
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