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    1/4" 0/90 Carbon Fiber High Modulus Twill/Uni Sheets

    Dragonplate high modulus carbon fiber sheets are fabricated using special types of uni-directional prepreg fiber that are processed to have stiffness values much higher than standard prepreg sheets. Two different options are available in this sheet size: a 57 msi high modulus (HM) PAN carbon fiber, and a 110 msi ultra high modulus (UHM) Pitch carbon fiber. The benefit of the PAN carbon fiber is higher strength, whereas the pitch carbon fiber has higher stiffness, higher thermal conductivity, and lower thermal expansion (CTE nearly zero). Depending on the application, both are excellent options. For example, if the part requires additional stiffness beyond what the standard modulus carbon fiber can offer, but must still retain the high strength properties, then the PAN carbon fiber is the better choice. If, however, the loads are low, for example in many automation and robotics applications, the ultra high modulus Pitch fiber can substantially increase the stiffness of a part. Properly designed, a carbon fiber part made from Dragonplate UHM carbon fiber can easily be stiffer than one made from steel, but at less than 1/5th the weight.

    Although more expensive than our other carbon fiber options, Dragonplate HM and UHM carbon fiber sheets provide an opportunity for unprecedented weight savings in applications where minimum panel thickness, weight, and deflection are critical. Dragonplate HM sheets are about 50% stiffer than aluminum, whereas the UHM sheets are stiffer than steel. Our standard offering includes a few select panel thicknesses; however, we are able to custom fabricate these plates up to 30"x40" and 1/2" thick upon request. This product is available in a satin finish and twill face sheets on both sides.

    Since UHM carbon fiber material has certain export restrictions, customers are required to fill out a short form detailing the end use. Both the customer and application will need to be vetted before the product is able to ship. Please fill-out the PDF Form and fax or email it back to us if you have ordered the UHM option.

    Please allow 10-15 days before this product ships

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    1/4" 0/90 Carbon Fiber High Modulus Twill/Uni Sheet - 24" x 24"

    Ultra High Modulus Option Available.

    1/4" 0/90 Carbon Fiber High Modulus Twill/Uni Sheet - 24" x 36"

    Ultra High Modulus Option Available.

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