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    Carbon Fiber I-Beams

    Combining the classic structural member with modern carbon fiber composites, DragonPlate now offers carbon fiber I-beams, which are an excellent light-weight solution for solving structural problems. These reinforcement carbon fiber I-beams are extremely strong in bending and shear loading. The combination of uni-directional and 0°/90° plain weave on the top and bottom flanges give the I-beam its high bending strength. Utilizing a ±45° orientation in the webbing allows the carbon fiber I-beam to have exceptional shear strength, as well as properly transmitting loads between the top and bottom flanges. These properties cannot be obtained as efficiently with pultruded I-beams, as all of the fibers run along the length of the I-beam. DragonPlate’s I-beam construction allows for an extremely thin, lightweight I-beam to obtain the same effect as a thicker, heavier pultruded I-beam. Carbon fiber I-beams can offer similar properties in bending and shear as sandwich panels with the same thickness, but without the added weight from unnecessary core material. With a textured finish on the top and bottom, our carbon fiber I-beams are perfect for bonding to thin panels to create an extremely stiff and strong structure.

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    Carbon Fiber I-Beam Specifications

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    1" Carbon Fiber I-Beam x 24"


    1" Carbon Fiber I-Beam x 48"


    2" Carbon Fiber I-Beam x 24"


    2" Carbon Fiber I-Beam x 48"


    Carbon Fiber I-Beams

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