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    Flame Retardant Twill Color Veneer

    DragonPlate Flame Retardant Carbon Fiber twill veneer products resist the spread of fire which makes them ideal for aviation and marine use or any other application that require flame retardant properties. Our flame retardant veneer has the same deep luster and glossy mirror finish as our standard DragonPlate veneer line.

    DragonPlate real Carbon/Kevlar veneer is well suited for covering large surfaces or for decorative trim. Comprising 50% carbon fiber and 50% Kevlar in a twill weave, this veneer presents a unique black and color appearance. The gloss and matte finishes provide any project with a distinctive Carbon/Kevlar facade. Sheets are available as large as 4' x 8', yet the material forms into a cylinder as small as 1 inch. Because Kevlar is a tough material, it may be slightly tougher to trim than our standard carbon veneers. Can also be used for outdoor applications as we utilize a UV resistant resin that extends the life of the part and finish under sun exposure. Decals may simulate the look of carbon fiber from a distance, but up close there is little comparison to the DragonPlate finish.

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    Flame Retardant Twill Color Veneer

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