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    Kevlar Core Prepreg Sheets

    Dragonplate Carbon/Kevlar Core prepreg sheets combine the stiffness of carbon fiber with the toughness of Kevlar. By creating a sandwich laminate where carbon fiber comprises the outer layers (the skins), these panels exhibit nearly the same stiffness as a solid carbon fiber sheet. The all Kevlar core, however, increases the impact and puncture toughness of the panel when compared to a standard all-carbon fiber laminate. Kevlar Core sheets are currently available standard with a satin finish on both sides. Additional thicknesses are also available upon request. If your application not only requires the high stiffness and low weight of carbon fiber, but also the toughness of Kevlar, this product may be the right fit.

    Lead time for Kevlar Core prepreg panels is 10-15 business days.

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    Kevlar Core Prepreg Sheets

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