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    0 An Overview of Dragonplate's Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

    Dragonplate provides several systems for connecting carbon fiber tubes to assemble rigid lightweight carbon fiber tube structures. Our pre-drilled flat gussets allow easy assembly of square and rectangular carbon fiber tubes and connection to carbon fiber plates and other surfaces. Our patented Mold...

    Where is Carbon Fiber Tubing Used?
    0 Where is Carbon Fiber Tubing Used?

    Carbon fiber tubing is becoming more and more popular in many industries, including automotive, automation, and industrial robotics. It is used in applications where light weight and high strength are important properties, making it a popular choice. What do you know about carbon fiber tubes? What a...

    What are Carbon Fiber Tubes Used For?
    What are Carbon Fiber Tubes Used For?

    Tubular structures are useful for a wide array of applications. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the unique properties of carbon fiber tubes place them in high demand in many industries.  More and more often these days, carbon fiber tubes replace steel, titanium, or aluminum tubes in applications where weight is an important factor.