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    Braided Carbon Fiber Tube Projects

    Below is a listing of some projects that our customers have been working on using our braided carbon fiber tubes.



    DragonPlate Braided Tubes Used in UAV Construction

    DragonPlate carbon fiber braided tubes are used in the construction of Vision Aerials UAV called the "Vector". Focused on adding the maximum value possible to their pilots since 2013, Vision Aerial manufactures drones in the MultiCopter genre.

    "DragonPlate carbon fiber supplies the state-of-the-art material needed to support our professional grade systems."



    Custom Braided Tubes Used in High-Tech Sign Inspection

    DragonPlate worked with Burgess Engineering to create parts for a carbon fiber boom arm used in custom designed highway sign inspection equipment. Use of remotely controlled arm allows the structure to be inspected safely and quickly.



    Carbon Fiber Electronics Enclosure

    DragonPlate worked with Frontier Electronics to create shock resistant cabinets to house sensitive electronics. Using braided tubes and gussets to construct robust structures, cabinets were made that can withstand high g-force impacts from explosions.

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