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    Carbon Fiber Luxury Items and Corporate Gifts

    carbon fiber gifts - coastersDragonplate offers a wide variety of composite materials useful for inclusion into corporate and executive gifts, custom awards, trophies, medals, and other similar applications. Carbon fiber offers your project a high-tech, classy look and feel. Dragonplate works closely with companies in the custom awards and corporate gifts industry to help make these products stand out.

    carbon fiber gifts-magazine rackDragonplate carbon fiber veneers and carbon/Kevlar veneers can be applied over most substrates to give anything a genuine carbon fiber look. Braided and roll-wrapped tubes make excellent round accents or posts. Solid carbon fiber and carbon/Kevlar hybrids can be used for base plates or for mounting other materials. And for complex assemblies, angles, c-channels, I-beams, pultruded carbon fiber, and a wide array of connectors provide the basic structural components. All one needs is creativity.

    Whether you are looking for off-the-shelf carbon fiber products or something highly customized, our Dragonplate design and prototype group is happy to discuss your new projects, and our ISO 9001 certified production team is ready to ramp up your program to larger volumes.
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