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    Carbon Fiber Plate Gussets

    Carbon Fiber Plate Gusset

    Truss Structure Made with DragonPlate Gussets

    (one side removed to show joint)

    Carbon Fiber Plate Gussets are widely used to reinforce tube structures; however they are commonly made from heavy materials. Our gusset kits allow for an infinite combination of lightweight structures, such as trusses, to be built with our square and rectangular tubing. Each gusset is a solid carbon fiber DragonPlate laminate. The laminate thickness is equal to our tubing wall thickness. The front face of the gusset has our low glare, scratch resistant matte finish, and the back has a peel ply finish that is ideal for bonding.

    Our gusset plates have been designed to work with our Scotchweld #2216 epoxy adhesive kit. This is an ideal structural adhesive with extremely high shear and peel strengths.

    Each kit includes a set of pre-drilled gussets and enough blind rivets to help locate and hold the gusset plates to the tubes during bonding. Refer to our gusset assembly instructions for recommended assembly procedures.

    Warning: These gussets are not designed with the intention for use without structural adhesive.

    Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact us about custom angles/sizes.

    This is a non-stock item, Please allow 3-5 days before shipment.

    Users are responsible for the design and test of any structures involving DragonPlate tube and gussets and are responsible for determining the safety and suitability of these products for their own purposes. DragonPlate large tube is not intended or approved for use in aircraft and assumes no responsibility for its use and safety. See our terms & conditions for more details.

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