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    Carbon Fiber Truss

    carbon fiber truss

    Using DragonPlate 1" carbon fiber square tubes and gussets, we built a carbon fiber truss that is very light and incredibly strong. The truss measures 8 feet long, 16 inches high with a depth of 12 inches. This is just one of many structures that could be easily built using our square tubes and gussets.

    Weighing in at just 14lbs., the truss is light enough for a six year old child to lift and carry! Made completely of Dragonplate carbon fiber materials, these types of light-weight structures are highly portable and versatile. With the wide selection of gussets we offer, you are only limited by your imagination as to what structures can be built.

    We wanted to challange the strength of the truss, so we loaded it with 35 80lb. bags of concrete mixture, totaling a whopping weight of 2800 lbs.! Again, we saw no signs of weakness or flexing. We would have put on more bags, but we just couldn't stack them any higher!

    We loaded it with as many people as we could fit totaling around 1800lbs. The truss showed no signs of weakness or flexing.