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    Draginplate is manufactured by Allred and Associates at their Central New York location

    Welcome to DragonPlate®, the brand for advanced composite shapes and structures by ALLRed & Associates Inc.

    We’re a diversified engineering and product-development firm and a premier North American fabricator of high-performance composite shapes and structural components in carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and other advanced composite materials.

    From our headquarters in Elbridge, N.Y. (west of Syracuse), we produce and sell carbon fiber-reinforced composite (carbon composite) shapes, including:

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    Carbon fiber-reinforced composite shapes are extremely stiff and strong per unit weight, so they are ideal for use in high-performance structural components where weight reduction and thin wallstock are beneficial. These advanced composite shapes are easy to cut, drill, and assemble via adhesive bonding. We not only offer a wide variety of carbon composite shapes in four finishes — gloss, matte, satin, and textured — but we’ve also developed an innovative line of ModCon™ modular connectors that each has been specially engineered to join specific types of carbon composite tubes and shapes. As an added benefit to customers, we also offer a variety of structural adhesives, polishes, and specialized mechanical fasteners that we know work well with our advanced composite shapes and structures.

    To expand customer choice, in addition to carbon fiber-reinforced products, by special order, we can produce shapes and structures with alternative reinforcements such as:

    • Aramid fibers,
    • Glass fibers,
    • Natural fibers, or
    • Hybrid combinations of reinforcements (e.g. glass + carbon fiber or hemp + glass fiber).

    And for the most demanding environments, we also offer products with high-temperature and flame-retardant formulations.

    We use only the first-quality materials to produce our structural engineered-composite products and never use off-spec or expired materials. That helps ensure that each product we produce maintains the highest quality and margin of safety.

    We're committed to quality and to continual improvement of our products and processes, so all DragonPlate composite shapes and structures are produced and tested in our ISO 9001:2015 ®-certified manufacturing facility and, as such, we closely monitor customer satisfaction.

    Although at DragonPlate we offer one of industry’s broadest product lines of off-the-shelf carbon composite shapes and components, when custom solutions are needed, we can provide in-house design, engineering and prototyping through our Element6 Composites Division.

    Whether you need a single prototype or tens-of-thousands of parts per year, we can provide full manufacturing services for advanced composite shapes, sub-assemblies, or complete assemblies to meet your needs.

    Our advanced composite DragonPlate shapes and structures are used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including:

    In addition to DragonPlate advanced composite shapes and engineered composite structures, learn more about other ALLRed & Associates Inc. brands and businesses at:

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