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    Composite Radar Structures

    building carbon fiber radarcarbon fiber radar structureDragonplate has been building radar structures for military applications for over a decade. The advantage of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar in such a unit is obvious when one considers the challenges moving equipment to remote locations. Lightweight carbon fiber composites can mean the difference between something that is carried and a system that must be moved by vehicle. And even vehicle and aircraft mounted radar systems benefit greatly from reduced weight.

    carbon fiber compositesDifferent composite materials offer specific advantages over traditional metal components. Carbon fiber can be used for support structures (for example, carbon fiber tubes, plates, angles, and other structural sections), while fiberglass and Kevlar are nearly transparent to radar signals, thus making these materials ideal for radomes. Carbon fiber is also both electrically and thermally conductive. In fact, high modulus pitch-based carbon fiber can be more thermally conductive than many metals.

    military application for composite radar structrurecarbon fiber radar structure on military truckWhether you are looking at prototyping and small volume production, or larger production runs of components and even full radar systems, Dragonplate has extensive experience helping customers design and fabricate composite structures for radar applications.
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