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    Dragonplate UAV Quadcopter Frame Kits

    uav quadcopter frame kitsDragonPlate offers carbon fiber UAV quadcopter kits that utilize our advanced products and a unique, cost effective, design. The kits come as a DIY version that includes the raw materials to be cut down and customized or as a Ready to Assemble version with pre-cut and pre-drilled holes*. The standard UAV has a main body plate and four arms to mount your choice of motors, controllers, and batteries. Our deluxe model includes a convenient set of landing arms for faster landings on diverse terrain and an upper body for mounting of custom hardware.

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    Contents of Quadcopter Frame Kits
    (electronics, motors and rotor blades not included)


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    • (1) 1/8" CF matte finish birch core mounting plate (cut & drilled)
    • (1) 1/8" CF matte finish birch core top plate (cut & drilled)
    • (4) 0.25 CF pultruded plate stand-off
    • (2) 1/8" CF matte finish birch core landing gear arm (cut & drilled)
    • (2) CF angle bracket for landing gear
    • (4) 0.5" CF pultruded motor arm
    • (8) 0.5" horizontal tube flange
    • (2) 0.25" CF pultruded landing gear foot
    • All necessary hardware
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    * Motor mounts not pre-drilled to accomodate variations in motor mounting requirements