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    Eureka Dynamics: Development and Implementation of Innovations for the Drone Industry

    Eureka Dynamics focuses on the development and implementation of innovations for the drone industry. Their new product, the FFT GYRO, a test bed system for drones and UAV’s, allows UAV developers to perform the first flight tests of new systems with minimum risk to the prototype. Their principal markets are university researchers and private development companies that are refining or developing new drones

    Initial flight testing and development can be dangerous to both hardware and personnel. At this stage, the vehicles are unstable, insecure, and unreliable. This can make the implementation phase a long and expensive process. A way was needed to allow safe testing while debugging, because with drones, an error in midflight can be catastrophic.

    The FFT GYRO fulfills two goals:

    • Provide a safe platform for testing drones
    • Provide a simple way to measure aircraft dynamics.

    Original prototypes were aluminum, which was affordable, but weight became a critical requirement. The gimbals needed to have the lowest inertia possible, and yet be very strong and rigid.

    At this point, they decided to use carbon fiber. It is light and strong, and easy to machine. The next design iteration, which was based on carbon fiber plates, was a significant improvement, but still had some minor deflections. Then they went to a square tubing structure, taking advantage of the high bending stiffness as well as the torsional rigidity of the tubes. The tubing structure was easily built up with flat gussets. This new approach allowed them to increase rigidity without sacrificing the weight.

    Eureka went to carbon fiber because carbon fiber was the best option for them. No material combines better the characteristics of being strong, stiff, and light, and it is easy to machine. Carbon fiber costs more than other materials, but provides better performance, and in the long run saved money because the implementation was simpler.

    Eureka’s clients need the best quality systems at a reasonable price, and carbon fiber is the material needed to ensure that they to get the quality they need.

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    In the beginning, they bought carbon fiber plates from China, but shipping times were too long and there were always issues. Eureka needed someone closer, more responsive, and more helpful. Fortunately, they found DragonPlate and we worked with them to provided an affordable option. They have been using our materials for more than a year now and haven't had any issues. Eureka was very satisfied with Dragonplate’s customer service and technical support.

    Visit Eureka Dynamics web site for more information.