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    How can I get a copy of my invoice and tracking number?

    After your order is placed online, you can at any time, login to your account using your supplied email and password. Once logged in, you can view your order history, print order invoices and obtain order tracking numbers. Tracking numbers are added on the day that your order is shipped.

    What is the typical lead time on custom CNC cutting of products?

    10-15 business days after the receipt of order. This is the typical lead time that will vary based on volume of current orders.

    How long does it take to get my order?

    Typicaly, it takes 2-3 days to process each order before order leaves our docks. Shipping time is determined by you during order checkout. For more information see our Shipping Details Page.

    Why does my credit card statement say Allred and Associates?

    DragonPlate is the tradename for products manufactured by Allred and Associates.

    What if I receive the wrong, damaged, or defective parts?

    Always inspect packages carefully before accepting them from any shipping carrier. Do not accept or sign for a box that appears to be damaged during transit. If you notice any damage, insist that the carrier retain the package for a damage claim. Notify DragonPlate sales as soon as possible after rejecting any shipment.

    You have up to 30 days from the ship date to return any incorrect, damaged, or defective products. To obtain a return authorization number (RMA), please reach out to our sales department. It is important that you keep all products and packing material until the issue is resolved and DragonPlate allows you to dispose of or return the materials. If the product needs to be repaired or replaced, DragonPlate will pay for the return shipping and provide you with a return label.

    Can I return a DragonPlate product?

    If you purchase an incorrect product or simply change your mind about a product you bought from DragonPlate, you are permitted to return any undamaged standard product in its original condition within 30 days from the shipment date. However, please note that custom orders, including cut-downs, CNC services, and made-to-order parts, are not eligible for return.

    You must obtain a return authorization number (RMA) from the DragonPlate sales team before returning any item. Standard product return refunds will equal the original sales price, less the shipping/handling, and a restocking fee of 15% of the product sales price. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

    Product Questions

    Is the material flexible enough to be rolled?

    Dragonplate veneer can be rolled into a cylinder 1" in diameter. DragonPlate .025" thick CF Laminate can be rolled into a cylinder 12" in diameter. Most laminate thicknesses larger than this are engineered for stiffness, and do not readily bend.

    How is DragonPlate laminate bonded to other surfaces? What preparation is necessary before bonding? And what adhesive do you recommend?

    Our textured surface is designed specifically for bonding. Scuffing the surface with sandpaper is still recommended. If you wish to bond to the gloss or matte surface, scuffing with sandpaper is necessary. For bonding, any structural adhesive will work, provided the properties meet your desired specifications. Our recommendation is Scotch-weld 2216 epoxy adhesive.

    How strong are DragonPlate carbon fiber laminates?

    Carbon fiber is substantially stiffer and stronger than aluminum or steel. Although the stiffness to weight and strength to weight ratios of carbon fiber are high, the true benefit of composites is realized when specialized core materials are placed between layers of carbon fiber. Further discussion on carbon fiber strength is given on the Technical page. An explanation of sandwich structure mechanics is given in the carbon fiber Birch Core summary.

    What is the largest size of DragonPlate carbon fiber laminate that I can purchase? Are custom sizes of DragonPlate CF Laminate available?

    The largest standard size is 48" x 96" (4' x 8') in veneer, .025 laminate and EconomyPlate. Quasi-isotropic carbon sheets, birch plywood core, Balsa core, and foam core are available standard up to (24" x 48"). Honeycomb core sheets are available up to 24" x 36". For many of the flat sheet laminates, larger sizes are available on special order. Angles are available up to 4', and tubes up to either 4' or 8', depending on the geometry.

    What does the finish look like?

    DragonPlate sheets come in a variety of finishes. See each product for options. We have created a comparison of DragonPlate Finishes that can viewed on the website.

    How do you recommend cutting DragonPlate carbon fiber laminates? Is there any safety gear that I should use?

    DragonPlate carbon fiber laminates are pre-cut to the specified sizes or slightly oversized. The sheets are easily cut to final shape using a bandsaw, coping saw, drill, or dremmel tool. Recommended precautions include wearing safety glasses, a dust respirator, and protective clothing when cutting, sanding or drilling, to limit exposure to the dust, which is an irritant.

    Why do you use core materials?

    Sandwich core laminates are significantly stiffer than solid sheets of equal weight. Alternatively, one can produce a much lighter part with core materials than if solid carbon fiber materials are used. There are pros and cons to each type of core material, as well as applications which demand the use of solid carbon fiber without the addition of cores. Dragonplate offers each of these options to cover the widest possible range of applications.

    Are there temperature limitations for DragonPlate carbon fiber?

    Dragonplate is intended as a structural material, and not for high-temperature applications, such as mufflers or engine parts. Carbon fiber itself is highly resistant to heat. A good example is the protective heat shield on the bottom of the U.S. Space Shuttle, which is comprised of specialized carbon tiles. However, the glass-transition temperature of the epoxies used in the manufacture of standard Dragonplate is too low for these applications. The operational temperature for our epoxy is -75 to 140 degrees fahrenheit.

    Is DragonPlate UV resistant?

    Most of our products are created using UV resistant epoxies. Please contact us about the material you are interested in for more details.

    What are the possible uses for DragonPlate carbon fiber materials?

    Please see the Applications page for summaries of some recent projects that used Dragonplate carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for applications where high stiffness, high strength, but low weight are critical.

    Can I form DragonPlate laminate by heating it, such as done with plexiglass?

    No. Epoxy is not a thermo-formable.

    Does Dragonplate make after-market automobile and motorcycle parts?

    No. Many other companies specialize in these types of carbon fiber parts. We focus on engineered components.

    What does quasi-isotropic mean?

    Quasi-isotropic refers to a layup of individual carbon fiber laminates such that the final composite material has approximately equal stiffness and strength properties in all directions. If only 0 and 90 degree carbon fiber layers are used, the laminate is cheaper to manufacture, but weak along the 45 degree diagonal. Dragonplate utilizes 45-degree diagonal laminate layers to improve quasi-isotropy. For the majority of typical applications, quasi-isotropic carbon fiber has superior performance. For further discussion of this topic, please see the Carbon Fiber Sheets page.

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