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    Flame Retardant Carbon Fiber Twill Prepreg Sheets

    Dragonplate solid twill sheets comprise woven material throughout the entire thickness of the panel. These sheets are manufactured using flame retardant epoxy resins that resist the spread of fire, making them ideal for aviation and marine applications. Although not quite as stiff as our solid uni prepreg sheets, these solid twill woven sheets tends to be easier to machine, particularly when cutting small parts, details, and contours.

    These sheets will also be more impact resistant than uni-directional sheets and better resist local stresses, such as side and bearing loads.

    Dragonplate flame retardant structural carbon fiber materials are manufactured with the same flame retardant epoxy resin system used to create our flame retardant carbon fiber veneers. The carbon fiber veneer is tested and certified to pass the FAR 25.853(a) Appendix F vertical burn specification. Since flame retardancy is dependent upon both the resin system, as well as the geometry, orientation, and integration of the components into the overall assembly, we cannot guarantee any particular standard flame retardant structural component will meet and pass the specific burn testing necessary for your application. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that these carbon fiber materials will meet the requirements for any specific application. If additional flame retardancy is required, many shapes can also be made with flame retardant carbon fiber prepreg materials, which have a higher degree of flame retardancy than our standard Dragonplate flame retardant products, and can be manufactured to meet both FAR 25.853 vertical burn testing, as well as smoke and toxicity requirements.

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