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    kevlar composite productsDragonplate has many standard off-the-shelf Kevlar products including hybrid carbon/Kevlar plates, Kevlar core plates, and a variety of Kevlar and carbon/Kevlar tubes. The benefits of Kevlar are well known, namely a high degree of toughness and resistance to impact. Although not as stiff as carbon fiber, a Kevlar or carbon/Kevlar part can be designed to be much stronger than one solely comprising carbon fiber or fiberglass in certain applications. Additionally, since Kevlar is non-conductive, it is often used as a replacement for fiberglass parts in applications where carbon may cause electromagnetic interference issues, for example in radomes and UAV components.

    Dragonplate works with a wide array of both commercial and military customers to develop customized carbon fiber Kevlar solutions ranging from flat panels to flame retardant tubes and I-Beams to fully custom-molded contours.

    If your company is interested in learning more about using carbon fiber Kevlar to create custom sheets, tubes or other composite parts, please contact us to discuss your specific application.

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