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    Medical Imaging, X-Ray and Gamma Ray Applications

    medical imaging carbon fiber applicationCarbon fiber has rapidly become one of the primary materials utilized in medical imaging, x-ray and gamma ray applications. In particular, carbon fiber provides a radiolucent material with sufficient strength and stiffness to maintain critical dimensions under load, and will not break down over time, even after high doses of x-ray and gamma ray radiation. Compared with aluminum, carbon fiber panels and support structures have substantially less attenuation of x-rays, yet can be made as stiff as aluminum, or even steel if high modulus carbon fibers are used. These attributes make carbon fiber an ideal choice for medical imaging tables, arm supports, and other similar components.

    foam core panels for medical carbon fiber applicationsIn addition to solid carbon fiber parts, DragonPlate customers regularly use foam core panels, for example our Divinycell foam core, due to the extremely high stiffness to weight ratio. Fiberglass and Kevlar are other options as well either in place of or in tandem with the carbon fiber face sheets.

    cnc cutting services

    Whether you are looking for basic structural components (for example, flat sheets, tubes, angles, etc), or need optimized molded parts, DragonPlate is able to help both in the prototype phase of the project, as well as full production.
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