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    NEW! 8 Hole Keyed Carbon Fiber Disc Kit


    July 16, 2018

    Thanks for your interest in DragonPlate carbon fiber composites.  We appreciate your continued business and would love to hear your comments on these new products and any future products you would like to see.  Like us on Facebook and join in the discussion.

    NEW! 8 Hole Keyed Carbon Fiber Disc Kit

    8 Hole Keyed Carbon Fiber Disc KitThis 8 hole disc is similar to our aluminum 8 Hole Connector but the disc is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight. The disc is keyed onto a the hexagonal end of a modular connector, locking it rotationally. The disc is held onto the connector with the supplied bolt and washer or alternatively a studded end connector can be used, thus connecting tubes to either side of the disc. Also included is a spacer washer to create a solid connection. Available for both 0.75" and 1" tube sizes.

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