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    NEW! Carbon Fiber 90 Degree Tangent Tube Mount

    February 13, 2019

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    NEW! Carbon Fiber 90 Degree Tangent Tube Mount

    The 90 Degree Tangent Tube Mount™ makes it easy to attach a carbon fiber tube to plates to create inside 90 degree corners. The curved portion of the mount is bonded to a carbon fiber tube, and the flat sides are bonded/bolted to the plate.

    These brackets are well suited for mounting carbon fiber tubes in robotic end effectors, electronic rack shelving, support plates for scientific equipment and many other applications. Currently available for 0.5", 0.75" and 1" ID carbon fiber tubes.


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    Create Perpendicular Round Tube Assemblies

    This part was intended as a solution to connecting tubes with no Modular Connectors or metals. It uses our Tangent Tube Mounts that have been Mitered at 45°, and a central tube that has been notched at each end to match the OD of the perimeter tubes. A flat plate then bonds everything together to give the desired surface area.


    As always, if you have any questions about our products, please call or email us. An engineer would be happy to discuss how to apply carbon fiber composites to your specific applications.

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