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    carbon fiber vehicle and ladder for police

    tactical bridgeDragonplate regularly collaborates with both military and SWAT police to develop new and innovative solutions to tactical problems. A key example includes our patented carbon fiber ladder system, which began with members of the Special Forces community requesting a piece of equipment that was lighter, more portable, and stronger than the current telescoping and fold-out ladders they had available.

    carbon fiber special forces equipmentThe collaboration between Dragonplate and soldiers included evaluation and feedback on early models, which allowed our team to create a product that was specifically designed to meet the mission requirements of the Marines and Army and Navy Special Forces with whom we worked with.

    carbon fiber tactical ladderOther products Dragonplate has developed for tactical military and police work include a 4-piece carbon fiber portable bridge and telescoping carbon fiber poles. Primarily used as pole-cams, our telescoping poles are much lighter and more rigid than aluminum or fiberglass versions. This allows the user to carry and extend them easier, as well as providing the option to create a much longer extendable pole, up to 40 feet or more.Dragonplate has successfully created an easily portable 30-foot long pole-cam using our carbon fiber tubes, modular connectors, and off-the-shelf wireless cameras. Although technical, Dragonplate aims for practical, cost-effective solutions for tactical teams.

    carbon fiber backpackWhatever your needs, if you are looking for lighter, stronger equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can evaluate your requirements and rapidly help develop a solution.
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