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    The Benefits of Dragonplate Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

    As applications of carbon fiber tubing increase, there is an increasing need for a practical tubing connector system. Carbon fiber tubes are used in many applications where their stiffness and light-weight provide a significant advantage. This can only be realized with a simple and reliable tubing connector system. It's important to consider tubing type and construction when determining which tube connector to use for your project.

    Dragonplate Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

    Dragonplate Modular Carbon Fiber Tube connectors provide an easy and robust method for connecting carbon fiber tubes to form complex rigid structures without the need for complicated fixturing, screwing, or drilling of tubes (which weakens the tube wall). These patented connectors are precision machined out of aluminum and black anodized.

    The many benefits of these tube connectors include:

    • Modular Tube Connectors are easy to use and provide a very strong and robust bonded connection to the tube.

    • Modular Tube Connectors are designed for simple pin-type joints, so alignment issues are minimized and the fittings accommodate a wide range of joint angles.

    • Modular tube connectors are versatile. An endless number of joint types can be built with the different connectors available.

    • Modular Tube Connectors are reliable and rugged.

    Using Modular Tube Connectors

    Tubing connectors are an integral part of any tubular structure. For instance, consider a chair made from metal tubes with legs, feet, and backrest. To connect the tubular legs to the plastic seat, you'll need to use tube connectors. Strong connectors assure that the chair will not buckle or break when someone sits in the chair.

    There are many options with Modular Tube Connectors

    When designing projects with carbon fiber tubes, you must consider many different factors. You need to consider the configuration of your tubul­ar design: how the tubes will be positioned and joined, the specific loads, and where they are to be applied. Some connectors allow for rotation which is helpful if you need part of your structure to be rotated at various angles. Different connectors offer different axes of rotation.  Some can also be locked at different angular positions.

    Take a look at the wide variety of joints available at Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

    Dragonplate offers two other types of carbon fiber tube connectors:

    These are injection molded connectors specifically designed for making tubing structures from ½ inch pultruded carbon fiber tubes.  They are molded from carbon fiber-filled nylon and are easily bonded to pultruded tubes and assembled.

    We also produce gussets for making tubing structures from square carbon fiber tubes.

    Contact us to learn more about Dragonplate’s fiber tube connector systems and different connector applications for connectors.

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