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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

Create Complex Disassemblable Structures with Our Carbon Fiber Tubes!

DragonPlate lightweight modular tube connectors provide an easy and robust method for connecting either our roll-wrapped or braided carbon fiber tubes together to form lightweight rigid structures. Using these patented anodized aluminum connectors, our 0.5", 0.75" or 1" carbon fiber tubes can be connected to form much longer disassemblable tubes and complex 3D structures. Both 2D and 3D joints are possible. The connectors are adhesively bonded into the ends of the carbon fiber tubes using an epoxy (we recommend Scotch-Weld 2216 adhesive).

Assembly of our modular connectors is very easy. Simply prepare inside of tube by lightly sanding, apply adhesive and insert connector. No complex fixturing, screwing or drilling of tubes neccesary. Patented design creates a superior bond that does not require drilling of holes that can compromise tube strength.

Using the vast selection of connectors we offer, you can create hundreds of joints, yielding an unlimited number of robust and lightweight structures. What you can build is only limited by your imagination!

Modular Connector Assembly Instructions

Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connector Specs

0.5" Modular Round Tube Connectors
0.625" Modular Round Tube Connectors
0.75" Modular Round Tube Connectors
0.75" Modular Square Tube Connectors
0.875" Modular Round Tube Connectors
1" Modular Round Tube Connectors
1" Modular Square Tube Connectors
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