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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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0.5" Carbon Fiber Tube Connector Multi-Angle 0.5" Carbon Fiber Tube Connector Multi-Angle

$2.25 USD
Product description:
Carbon fiber Tube ConnectorDragonPlate carbon tube connectors incorporate universal design, allowing the user to create structures with a large variety of angles and connections. A separate diagonal connector bonded to the end of a carbon tube can be aligned at any angle, allowing for the creation of unique and custom designed structures.

DragonPlate carbon tube connectors are designed to be used specifically with our .5" pultruded tubes. These connectors are ideal for building light weight, cost effective, and complex structures.

These patented connectors are manufactured out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, creating an optimized cost-to-strength ratio. The connectors are designed with precision ribs to aid in controlling adhesive thicknesses. DragonPlate carbon tube connectors are designed for use with structural epoxies, specifically Scotchweld 2216. Our connectors capture the ends of the pultruded tube; this strengthens the ends of the tube and eliminates risk of splitting the carbon fiber tube.

Nylon screws and nuts are supplied to aid in the bonding process, eliminating the need for large, heavy clamps during assembly. These screws are designed for bonding purposes only, and will not contribute to the strength of the structure. STUCTURAL ADHESIVE MUST BE USED.

Includes one (1) multi-angle connector and one (1) nylon screw.

Users are responsible for the design and test of any structures involving DragonPlate tube connectors and are responsible for determining the safety and suitability of these products for their own purposes. DragonPlate tubes and connectors are not intended or approved for use in aircraft and assumes no responsibility for its use and safety. See our terms & conditions for more details.

Patent# 8,397,463

ISO 9001 Certified

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