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DragonPlate™ carbon fiber composites have amazing specifications that make it attractive to wide variety of customers.
Among its many applications are listed below.

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial automation and robotics is a field starting to realize the benefits of carbon fiber designs. For many applications, the ability to reduce weight and increase structural stiffness reflects directly in faster response time and reduced motor and actuator loads. This in turn results in improved productivity and longer maintenance cycles. In the business of automation, where machines often run as fast as possible 24/7, reduced inertial loads due to the replacement of heavy metal components with optimized carbon fiber structures can in turn reduce part fabrication time, dramatically increasing profitability. In such applications, the return on investment due to increased material costs associated with carbon fiber is often very short.

DragonPlate large diameter tubes, gussets, and carbon fiber sheets can easily be assembled into frameworks for a wide variety of robotic applications. For uses where loads and deflections are of major concern, DragonPlate can also customize the carbon fiber layup or dimensions to meet the customer specifications.

One recent example of DragonPlate carbon fiber materials is from the world of commercial robots. International Climbing Machines built a revolutionary wall-climbing robot, the chassis of which was almost entirely made from DragonPlate carbon fiber. This robot is used in the nuclear industry, airplane inspection, and many other applications where the environment is either extremely harsh to humans, or the ability to climb sideways and upside down would result in drastically reduced labor time (as in the case of inspecting an airplane fuselage or wing). By replacing the original metal structure with one made from DragonPlate, ICM was able to greatly increase the robot’s performance and payload carrying ability. More about Industrial Automation and Robotics...

UAVs and Drones

From the hobbyist to the professional, Dragonplate has the building materials you will need to create virtually any drone. Our off-the-shelf line of carbon fiber flat sheets, braided and roll-wrapped tubes, angles, and a wide array of pultruded materials provide all of the basics. Our patented connector system for pultruded tubes, as well as our modular connectors for braided and roll-wrapped tubes provide an ideal method for making frames, especially for multi-rotor helicopters. For assembly, an array of structural epoxies and fasteners are also available.

More about building UAVs and Drones with DragonPlate materials...

Carbon Fiber for Marine and Aircraft Interiors

Carbon fiber for Marine and Aircraft Interiors
Dragonplate offers a wide variety of off-the-shelf products and custom fabrication services to support the luxury yacht and aircraft interiors industry. Whether for an individual, corporation, or government client, carbon fiber composites can benefit your designs in two ways: weight reduction and high-tech distinctiveness. This is particularly true when designing the interior for aircraft, since every pound saved means improved efficiency and additional payload elsewhere in the vehicle. Weight and balance are also important for large yachts, where weight saved above the water line can help as well.

More about Carbon Fiber for Marine and Aircraft Interiors...

Sports Equipment

A line of high performance carbon fiber surfboards were created using Dragonplate processes. Although no DragonPlate stock products were used to create these surfboards, similar technology was used. Three models were developed, including 6' and 6'10" shortboards, as well as a 9' longboard. The high stiffness to weight ratio of carbon fiber created extremely lightweight surfboards that are virtually inflexible under high loads and will not dent from demanding use, a major drawback with lightweight fiberglass boards. The combination of custom rail and rocker design, responsiveness, and low weight, created surfboards with spectacular performance.

Musical Instruments

Carbon fiber strips serve many applications in the making of musical instruments, where its material properties of low mass and high stiffness make it an ideal choice. Carbon fiber strips may be used with truss rods, in various configurations, for neck reinforcement in wood necks. Short strips can be used to strengthen the head stock joint. Carbon fiber strips may be used in guitar bracing, where it can be used in combination with balsa or spruce as a stiffening laminate. Strips may be used in lattice support bracing of the top plate to allow greater thinning for increased response. Some makers have found other creative applications in using carbon fiber strips as longitudinal internal supports for reducing stress on top sounding plates. Due to its high strength in compression/tension and low mass, and its excellent bonding with epoxy and cyanoacrylate adhesives, carbon fiber is the doorway for new generation instrument making.

One of the most common uses of carbon fiber in the making and repairing of stringed instruments is neck reinforcement. To the right is an example of how carbon fiber can be used to give the neck more stability and reduce twisting. This neck cross section shows one possible way to install carbon fiber. Orientation of carbon fiber strips is determined by the cross-sectional dimensions of your neck.

Scientific Apparatus

Carbon fiber materials from Dragonplate are ideal candidates when lightweight, rigid fixtures for scientific work are needed. Both industry and University labs often turn to carbon fiber when minimum deflection and thermal variation are driving criteria of their experimental designs. In addition, carbon fiber structures are much lighter than equivalent metal ones, often making transport, assembly, and mounting easier.

Some examples of Dragonplate used in this design include:

By using Dragonplate materials and Scotch-Weld epoxy bonding methods, Propulsive Wing was able to complete the project in only 8 weeks from start to finish.

Carbon Fiber Furniture

Carbon fiber is increasingly being used in the construction of furniture. Furniture makers use carbon fiber because of its light weight, durability and appearance. Carbon fiber can give a piece of furniture a "high-tech" or "high-end" look while reducing its overall weight.

Cerious Technologies, developer of high-tech materials, fabrication techniques and concepts, aims to bring innovation into the home environment by targeting mature markets where traditional design and thinking dominate the market landscape. For the Carbon Earth table shown here, Cerious chose a core of Baltic birch plywood and skins of DragonPlate carbon fiber with a proprietary ceramic adhesive developed for ballistic armor. The legs were created in similar way, from DragonPlate carbon fiber tubing. The table is 62 percent wood by weight; exactly 50 percent wood, 50 percent carbon fiber by volume. The Carbon Earth Table weighs less than 15 lbs.

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