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    0.5" OD Pultruded Tube Quick Connectors

    Pultruded tube quick disconnects allow multiple Dragonplate ½” pultruded carbon fiber tubes to be attached together to form longer tubes or structures. This system is useful for creating long truss structures comprised of shorter sections of up to 8 feet in length. Applications include camera boom arms, lighting fixtures, or inspection tools that break down into easily transportable segments.

    We recommend Scotch-Weld 2216 adhesive for bonding these connectors to the carbon fiber tubes.

    The quick disconnect has two adapters that are bonded into the ends of the carbon fiber pultruded tubes. The quick disconnect male and female ends then thread into these aluminum adapters. For single tube applications, the quick disconnect is available in a locking version that prohibits it from rotating when engaged. The quick disconnect is also available with a groove, which allows the component to rotate, thus alleviating the need for complex fixturing when assembling truss sections.

    Please note that these components are not meant for high load applications, but instead where lower loads, but high stiffness dominate the design.

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    0.5" OD Pultruded Tube Quick Connectors

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