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    Carbon Fiber 0.75" Pultruded Tube Modular Connectors

    DragonPlate pultruded tube connectors provide an easy and robust method for connecting either our carbon fiber 0.75" pultruded tube or 0.75" pultruded rods together to form lightweight, rigid, disassembleable structures. The connectors are adhesively bonded into the ends of the carbon fiber tubes using an epoxy. We recommend Scotch-Weld 2216 adhesive and then can be attached to the various modular connectors in this system.

    Assembly of our modular connectors is very easy. Simply prepare outside of tube or rod by lightly sanding, apply adhesive and attach connector. No complex fixturing, screwing or drilling of tubes necessary.

    Using the vast selection of connectors we offer, you can create hundreds of joints, yielding an unlimited number of robust and lightweight structures. What you can build is only limited by your imagination!

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    0.75" OD Pultruded Tube End Connector - 1/4"-20 Thread

    From $7.01
    Accepts 1/4"-20 Thread. 0.25" and 0.5" stud options available.

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    Carbon Fiber 0.75" Pultruded Tube Modular Connectors

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