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    Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors

    DragonPlate's lightweight modular tube connectors provide an easy and robust method for connecting our round carbon fiber tubes together to form complex rigid structures. Using the large selection of our patented anodized aluminum connectors, our 0.5", 0.625", 0.75", 0.875", or 1" carbon fiber tubes can be connected to form much longer disassemblable tubes and complex 3D structures.

    Assembling our carbon fiber tube connector systems is quick and easy. Simply prepare inside of the tube by lightly sanding. Then apply the adhesive and insert the connector. No complex fixturing, screwing, or drilling of tubes is necessary.

    • Simple/easy tube connection system
    • Create strong joints with our roll-wrapped or braided carbon tubes.
    • Compatible with 0.5", 0.625", 0.75", 0.875" and 1" ID tubes.
    • Make complex 2D and 3D connections.
    • Quickly assemble and disassemble tubing structures
    • Unlimited joint connections.
    • Avoids complex fixturing, drilling, or bolting.
    • Creates a strong joint without drilling and weakening tubes.

    modular carbon fiber tube connectors

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    How to Build Carbon Fiber Structures with Our Modular Connector System >>

    Read About Our Patented Modular Connector Design >>
    Patent #9,803,672 B2

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    0.5" Carbon Fiber Tangent Tube Mount™ - 12" Long


    0.5" Carbon Fiber Tangent Tube Mount™ - 24" Long


    0.5" End Connector Blank

    From $8.40
    End connector blank, no thread, requires machining.

    Tubes Compatible With This Connector

    0.5" End Thread Female Clevis

    From $8.64

    0.5" End Thread Male Clevis

    From $8.64

    0.5" OD Pultruded Tube End Connector - 10-32

    From $7.86
    Accepts 10-32 Thread. 0.25" and 0.5" stud options available.

    Tubes Compatible With This Connector

    0.5" Short Threaded End Connector


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